Friday, May 29, 2009

05- 2009 Lots of climbing!

Since our winter (that is, the month of April) ended, we've been climbing a good amount. I've been in the gym quite a bit, and we've been outside as well. Mostly, we've been in Eldorado Canyon (though there was a rainy trip to Clear Creek recently...climbing+lightning=no fun!).

We've been on some fun classics in Eldo - Hair City is one that I've really enjoyed. We've been on it a couple of time in the last few weeks.

We got on Sunset Boulevard a week or so ago. I could not make the big reach try as I might. I wore myself out trying at least. Last night, we got on it again and I got the move. It's a fun route.

We went to Super Slab a week or so ago as well though it wasn't quite as nice given the sun was directly above us. Nothing like climbing slab in the blinding sun. May as well have been blind-folded!

And, we've headed into the canyon on some easier stuff so I could lead. I did Calypso
and Wind Tower. Then Dave led us up Tagger.

Yesterday's trip into Eldo after Dave got home from work was fun mostly because he was trying out his new harness. His old one was not in good shape, but prying it from him has proved difficult. Finally, he tried on the new Arcteryx harness and he was sold. We both have that harness now and though it doesn't look possible, it's super comfortable and so light weight.

Great times! I've attached several photos from these various outings. Enjoy!

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05-19-2009 - The Wii, Riding, Boxing and Bob Rotert - Good Times!

After hearing about it from several people, I broke down and bought a Wii. Not so much for the games - they don't really appeal to me - but for Wii Fitness. That thing is FUN!

Bob R came by and he, Dave and I did a super fun bike ride. We left the house, rode to Left Hand Canyon, headed to Jamestown, took the left to ride over Lee Hill, zoomed back down Old Stage, headed east to 75th, then took some zig-zaggy route back to the house where pizza, adult beverages and the Wii awaited us.

I put on Wii fitness, made a little Bob R Mii (so funny!) and we played a bit. They weren't so much into it. I could even begin to get Dave or Bob working the Super Hula. They're scared I think. :)

Then I put in Wii Sports and they came to life. Up first - Boxing. We all boxed until we were exhausted. That is a very fun game for sure! Next up bowling. I suck at fake bowling as badly as I do in real life. Still we had a great time!

Since getting the Wii, it's been working me. Some may laugh, but YOU do 20 slow push-ups, or 90 seconds of the plank (holding your center of balance dead center) and see if you don't get a sore muscle or two or feel uber worked. That dang thing is a blast!

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Friday, May 15, 2009

05-07 to 10-2009 - Boys Desert Weekend

Dave here! I rounded up a few of my desert rat friends for a boys climbing weekend in the canyon country of Utah before things got hot out there. We loaded up two trucks with 4 middle aged climber dudes, lots of camming devices and plenty of cold beers… a fine trip was about to be had!

We started off by meeting up in Castle Valley Utah to climb Castleton Tower. The crew consisted of me, Quinn, Greg, Mark and Rick. After a leisurely start due to an arrival sometime after midnight, the crew started the calorie burning hike up the talus cone to the base of the tower. We were glad to see only a couple of other cars in the camping area, so we knew the tower wouldn’t be crowded.

Our packs were heavy with camming devices, ropes, water bottles and cold beer for the summit. Greg and Mark did the West Face route, while Quinn, Rick and I did the North Chimney. The North Chimney crew topped out just a few minutes before the West Face team. Within minutes, celebratory cold beers were cracked and the group enjoyed beautiful weather and views from the summit.

After lounging around for a while, we all rappelled back down to the base. Rick hiked down to drive home to Park City UT. Greg and Mark then did the North Face of Castleton and Quinn and I headed over to the Rectory to climb Fine Jade. These are two of the best routes in the desert for sure! We all met up for the hike down in the beautiful late afternoon light. Time for a yummy burrito dinner and a few cold ones!

The next day we headed over to Long Canyon, NW of Moab. Here we went to a north facing crag low down in the canyon and climbed some really fun one pitch crack climbs along with a mini tower. Most all of the climbs were really good and no other people were there, so a good time was had by all.

After climbing, we headed north a few miles and found a fun camp spot on a dirt road off the highway. Here we tilted a couple of cold brewskis to celebrate another great day in the desert while we cooked up a combo meal of Mexican and Italian grub. Life in the desert is good!

After a good night’s sleep, we headed into Tusher canyon, NW of Moab in search of towers… we had our eyes on the Putterman tower. After a few gnarly dirt roads and some four wheeling, we arrived at our destination. It was a quiet and fairly remote valley, and the tower looked pretty cool, about 250’ high. The climbing consisted of some cracks, some off width and some face climbing on rotting sandstone – the stuff that fine desert tower adventures are made of!

We all topped out and enjoyed the view. The desert is such a beautiful place! After rappelling off, we bounced our way back to the highway in the trucks, ate some snacks and hit the road home. Another great trip to the desert – thanks to Quinn, Mark, Greg and Rick for coming along and making the trip such a good time!!

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Monday, May 11, 2009

05-09-2009 - Eldo and Bear Peak with Carol

On Saturday, Carol and I headed to Eldorado Canyon to do some fun climbs. Her shoulder is and has been injured so I got to do the leading today.

We knew it'd be crowded, but it was far more crowded than we anticipated. After seeing all the folks on Wind Tower, we hiked over to Whale's Tail - and to our surprise, no one was there.

So, off I went. It is a fun and easy climb - a good place to place gear since I'd not done so since Dave and I were at Devil's Tower.

We ran into Chris Archer (one of the climbers highlighted in Dave's movie "Gray Hair and Gravity") and chatted a bit.

Then we headed back to see if Wind Tower was any better. There were people all over the thing still! So we took off and hiked up to toe shoulder of Bear Peak. Saw many flowers, critters and lots of broken trees. I guess this happened during the last wet and heavy snow storm.

In all, it was a great day hanging with Carol. And a great workout. I was zonked at the end of the day!

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