Tuesday, March 1, 2016

01_06 to 11_2016 Mexico!! Part III

Dave got me some photos from our January Mexico trip so I thought I'd share them here.

We have some other blogs we need to get up - maybe I'll get those shared soon.

First up is a Stripe-Headed Sparrow
Oh man!  A vireo is next. What kind?  I'm the worst with vireos. Anyone help me out here?
Chacalaca. These birds are pretty big. It's like looking up in your tree and seeing a stealthy chicken running around. They have to be stealthy since people like to eat them.
Orange Fronted Parrotlet. These were flying around everywhere squawking.
Citreoline Trogon! I had hoped we see a trogon. We got lucky and saw several of these (lifer birds for us), but some Elegant Trogons as well.
Cool little crab hanging out on a rock on the beach.
Brown Pelican. So awkward on land, so elegant on the wing.
Lots of these large reptiles running around. I even got to see one hop in the resort pool and swim to the island! He was fast!
Lots of beautiful Rufous Backed Robins!
The crazy looking Golden-Cheeked Woodpecker
Female Western Tanager enjoying a winter vacation in Mexico with her family.
Tropical Kingbird
Sleepy Great Kiskadee
Elegant Trogon
Neotropic Cormorant. Notice the beautiful blue eyes!
Cordilleran Flycatcher
Grey Saltator
Military Macaw
 black-Throated Magpie Jay. These are really long, elegant birds. I really enjoyed seeing the bird featured on the cover of the bird guide!
Little Green Heron
Another tree chicken (as some call them)
These guys are really fun to watch.