Sunday, December 25, 2016

12_25_2016 Christmas Morning

Our annual tradition to post gift opening is here. Given my family is many states away, it is our way to share with them our holiday.

It's only our second year putting up a tree. It's small AND PERFECT! Doesn't take up a lot of space and it 100% fun (no work).
Pre opening photo.
The pile of gifts.
My pile. It seemed particularly large this year. Maybe a new car in there??
First up was opening Pente's gifts from my parents. She had another from my sister, but she opened it immediately when it arrived and played with it all nice long. She was clearly drunk on cat nip. That toy has since gone MIA so it is under some furniture somewhere here.
Her toys today were also big hits. She looked. Pawed. Attacked. Threw them in the air. A win!
More toy playing
Not sure which one to attack.
With her kill.
Next we opened gifts. I got theses butterfly spikes. Several have already taken up residence in plants here.
Looks great!
Pente checking to see if any more gifts for her are available.
Instructions from mom: "If you don't like it, give it to a homeless person". Haha!
More slippers. Never enough slippers.
Dave rattling the gift. He always tries to guess what is in everything.
A box of chocolate!
Black sweater. Can always use these.
More unwrapping and guessing.
A gin kit. This deserves greater study.
Birds from Rachel and Jim.
Pretty fun. Need to figure out where to put them. Thought about outside - but given we are having constant 75mph wind gusts outside, I don't think they (or I) would last long today.
Hitting the toy sauce again.
And a bag! There is a Santa Claus she says!
She did not want to get out of this bag.
She watched one of her new toys from this hiding place...
Then grabbed it and brought it in her bag.
Endless playing!
Hannah and Zoe sent some Bed,  Bath and Beyond goodies (there is an addiction to that place!)
What is it?
New shirt!
Mid air attack!
New bracelet...
Hilarious squid face cover for the winter. Certain my mom made this. Looks awesome!
Who is that? Squid man?
I had to try it on too! Jeez I have a huge head even when dressed like a squid.
A troll - Pente thinks it's hers.
The troll rescued from the cat.
Solar powered fountain. This will be fun to put in the bird bath when going outside is safe again. :/
T-Shirt from my sister and Jim. 
You can see I hated it. :)
Veggie farming. It will be sun to see what comes of this.
He guessed a book....
And was right! Looks like a good one. 
What is this?
A skinned leopard!
My brother and his family sent Dave an...
REI gift card!
Dave opening a gift from me.
What is it?
He recognizes the label...
Some excellent Herradura extra anejo tequila. Should be good.
Think it was a hit - lots of photos of it.
Nice box too!
A much needed robe from Dave. Of course I like that it is Lilac in color. I routinely wear out two things: keyboards, and robes. Perfect.
Dave opens a gift card from me...
It's somewhere he's long wanted to go...  Adult racing carts that go FAST. He'll love it. From their website:  "Whether you’re an experienced racer or a complete novice, kart racing is always a challenging and thrilling experience that leaves you wanting more. At Unser Karting and Events, our goal is to provide a world class karting experience to all of our racers. That begins with top of the line go karts running on a professionally designed course, accurate lap timing, and well-maintained safety gear and equipment. Our customer service is the best in the industry, and we strive to make life long customers of each and every person who walks through our doors. Visit us today and discover what indoor kart racing is all about."

Not all gifts are shown, but figurer 60 pics were plenty. We had a very fun Christmas - hope you did too!