Saturday, October 31, 2015

10_31_2015 Fall Photos

It's been a short, but beautiful fall. Dave has been out getting some nice photos of the colors we thought we'd share. Enjoy!
Aspen grove near Kenosha Pass CO
Close up of aspen leaves and interesting ground cover plants.
Kenosha Creek and colors.
Across the valley from Kenosha creek.
Another Kenosha Creek view.
Grotto creek in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, TN.
Another Grotto creek long exposure shot.
Lower down the same creek, lots of small waterfalls that were fun to photograph.
A small falls with a nice eddy pool filled with swirling leaves - a 10 second exposure to capture the leaf movement.
Another creek view lower down with a leaf color trail captured with a 6 second exposure.
Lots of cool logs in the creek as well.
Nice colors along the trail.
Another drainage in the Great Smokies
Another cool small waterfall series in the Smokies.
Dense Aspens near Kenosha pass.  Note all the tree scarring down low due to dorky people that insist on carving their initials into the trees - thousands of Aspens in this area alone are heavily scarred...
Another view near Kenosha pass.
More colors with some tall Aspens in the foreground.
Colorado fall colors.
Another tight stand of Aspens.
A view along the Colorado Trail
Close up bark view
A cool stand of somewhat crooked aspens.
Some very old cabins in the Smokies.
Aspen bark closeup.

Friday, October 30, 2015

09_25_2015 Dave and Quinn Climb in a new CO area

This is  the main 400'cliff at "Mary's Bust" which is a granite climbing area up the Big Thompson canyon west of Loveland.  I had never been there before so it was fun to check out a new area!
Pretty fun featured granite here, lots of face climbs.  It was an unusually warm day for late September, hot in the sun.
Quinn leading a route.
High up on another route.  Fun stuff.
Me leading a fun route that pulls through these roofs down low then has tricky face climbing above.
Quinn rappelling one of the routes.  Overall a fun day out at a new crag!

10_03 to 10_11_2015 - Dave at City of Rocks Climbing

Storms brewing in western Wyoming while heading west on I-80 towards City of Rocks Idaho.
Partial view of the group camp site at City of Rocks in Idaho.  About 15 long time climbers got together to climb and socialize for 8 days at "The City".  Here is Greg and Felicia from Phoenix enjoying the afternoon weather.
Lots of interesting rock formations at "The City".  The granite is very good quality and has weathered into cool shapes all over the place.
A view of Eagle Rock through a rock window near camp.
I managed to cut up the back of my hand on a crack climb on just the 2nd day of the trip - doh!
A view of "The City" from some rocks near camp.
An old truck weathers in a field down near the town of Almo Idaho.
Greg displaying a defunct tractor down near Almo.
Mari and Eve read an apology letter dropped of by some younger climbers that visited our campfire one night and had a little too much to drink... 
The dinner and drink table at the group campsite.
Mimi and Steve doing the burrito thing :-)
Another view of the wacky weather east of Salt Lake City as I drove to Idaho.
Rock City is a family owned pizza and beer business down in Almo, just a few miles from our camp.  We had pizza two nights while there, good stuff and their selection of specialty craft beers (in bottles) is very impressive for being in the middle of nowhere!
Sunrise on my first morning in Idaho camping on BLM land just outside the City of Rocks.
My 'camp' spot the first night.  It had rained quite a bit during the night.

The photo below is my friend Kim from Salt Lake.  He and his son Marshal and I climbed together for my first day at The City.
The pic above is me leading a 'warm up' 5.10c route that had a tricky almost no holds section - welcome to The City!

This pic is Marshal showing his approval of the day's first climb :-)
Here Kim and I do a little rope work on the summit of Castle Rock.
Poser summit shot on top of Castle Rock.
Rigging a double rope rappel after climbing a nice long one pitch 5.10a called Red Rib.
The scene back at group camp.  One of the Twin Sisters is in the background.  Both of the Twin Sisters formations are closed to climbing due to "negative visual impact of climbers" on these formations - ridiculous in my opinion - what about the roads, RV's, campgrounds etc??  Silly.
Greg and Felicia ready to head out for a day of climbing in the central City.
Some of the crew at the east face of Window Rock - lots of good routes here.
Felicia and Greg at the base of a really fun 10a crack called Bloody Fingers
Felicia and Greg climbing at the decadent wall.
The aspens up high in the city were changing, but the colors were muted, perhaps due to persistent dry conditions over the last few years.
Expressing my feelings about a rain day, although my fingers did enjoy the rest...
The rain day scene at camp.  Climbers get bored easily when they are washed out :-)
The view to the west showed continued unstable weather for the afternoon.
Some changing trees below Window Rock - great scenery at The City!
Another view to the west at The City
Alby, Cooper the dog and John hanging out at the base of Elephant Rock.
Dinner time!  Looks like burritos again! :-)
More dinner stuff going on
The final night's campfire - great stories and lots of fun!  Cheers until next time!