Sunday, September 20, 2009

09_18-20_09 Shelf Road Getaway!

With some major work commitments taken care of, Dave and I had the opportunity (and weather) to sneak away to Shelf Road for a long weekend. I really looked for a relaxing time and some good sleep!

I have ALWAYS been a great sleeper, but the last couple of weeks this has not been the case. I've gone to bed only to think think think all night long. Working, thinking, wondering, worrying - and never really sleeping. It was getting really old.The second night, it finally came. Sleep. Oh how we take it for granted!! For that reason alone, this trip was a major success!

We arrived on Friday morning, set up the pop-up and headed to Sand Gulch. As is usually the case, I've no idea what we climbed. Dave did five routes, I did fewer as the foot demanded.

My foot has become very demanding as of late. I am ready to remove it with an axe, but I've not done so yet. A trip to the doctor a few weeks ago told me what I already knew - surgery is imminent. Gack. This epic is scheduled to happen over the holiday break in Dec/Jan. I'm not looking forward to it, but I sure am looking forward to walking again without squealing.

At Shelf, we ran into some friends - Steve, Mia and their daughter Julia. Great visiting with them. Dave highjacked Julia's bike for a while. Julia was fine with it as she highjacked Pente the cat for the weekend.

It was beautiful there, the climbing was fun, the relaxation was plenty. Life is grand!

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09_17_09 Chop chop chop - there goes my hair

Yeah. I did it. Chopped off a fair amount. Why is it so hard to do? I know it is better and it needed it, yet, I am suffering from phantom pony-tail pains.

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09_13_09 Craig comes to visit!!

Lots of working going on in the Vaughan household these days. I've been beyond-busy dealing with classes, doing research and consulting. Dave has been busy with both companies he does consulting for.

Given that, it was nice to have a break from all the work when my cousin Craig came to town! Craig lives in Anchorage, Alaska and travels for the FAA. Happenstance brought him to the Boulder area and happily we were around to visit.

Dave had been out with Mark C and his friend Jaime (from Tennessee) all day climbing Wunsche's Diahedral in South Platte (hopefully photos to come if Jaime gets them to us!).

The evening brought Craig, Dave, Jaime, Mark and I to the house for beers and a little Mexican extravaganza. It was a great time. I suck because I failed to take a single photo. Not one. Zero. Gack.

I had the camera out and had commented to Dave how I wanted to get photos, yet I failed. FAIL! So tonight I drank a margarita and sketched out a photo of Craig and me to commemorate the evening. It was terrific seeing him!

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