Friday, July 10, 2015

07_09_2015 What is it with Cats?

If you have a cat, then this really needs no words. If you don't have a cat, well, this is a cat for you!

07_08_2015 Slide Show of Mark C and Dave's Climbing in the Valley

We had some friends over to look at photos of Dave and Mark's trip to the Valley in June.

Mark C, Quinn, Christa, Mike A, and Steve W
It was great seeing everyone - we need to do more of this!

Karla, Mary Ann, Kim R, Julie M, and Callie
Quinn thinks the beer is just soooooo good! Christa is definitely enjoying Quinn's expression!
Mike and Steve cutting up!
Mark's 50th was spent in the Valley. Michelle made a nice cake to continue the celebration tonight. Sounds like he had a terrific and unforgettable birthday!

Thanks to all for coming! Looking forward to our next get together.

06_16 to 18_2015 Buena Vista, Road Riding, and Poser Cat Photos

We continued our anniversary celebration the same way we did last year - by driving to Buena Vista and riding Cottonwood and Independence pass.
A link to last year in Buena Vista:

We stayed in the same RV park which is goofy but really a nice place. We stayed in almost the identical spot too.

Pente approved and especially liked lounging in the nice grass next to the pop-up.
Hilarious photo of Pente the Bobblehead!

When looking at the photos, I started wondering if I'm starting to look like here. Look at the first photo on this blog and look at this photo. Scary.
We prepped early the next morning and headed up the east side of Cottonwood. We'd be riding the west side (dirt side) for the first time the following week on the bike tour!
Nice view of some of the Rockies.

I felt puny this weekend so ended up cutting my riding short and not even trying Independence, opting instead for lounging/resting with the cat.
Dave tackled both with no problem. It's surprising to see how much snow was at the top of each (this is Cottonwood) that was gone days later when we rode both passes in the BTC.
Back at camp, there was lots of grass lounging.
Rotten cat!

06_14_2015 Sixth Anniversary - Ride to Ward and Picnic at Flagstaff

A short (and late) blog entry. We celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary on June 14th.

We rode to Ward in the morning to begin the celebration. On the day we married, a bunch of us rode to Jamestown, but given the state of Jamestown post-flood, heading to Ward was a  better idea. Plus it's a longer and harder ride. :)
That afternoon, we grabbed some delicious foods and headed up to Flagstaff where we were married. It was threatening rain/storms so we set up on the picnic table in the covered house for a nice dinner.

Not must else to add except it was an exceptional day and it's been a really great six years!

Link to our wedding:


Friday, July 3, 2015

May 1 to 3 2015 - Colorado National Monument Bike Riding

We did in for my 49th birthday and wanted to do it again - so off we headed to western Colorado to ride at the Colorado National Monument.

It's a nice ride and the traffic is courteous. Maybe because they can't be aggressive of they might just pitch over the edge to a gruesome death.
Pente loves it here too. She can play on the rock and enjoy being outdoors in a safe environment.
At the edge of the monument near our campsite.
Looking down into Grand Junction/Fruita area
Happy feline
We got up the next morning and headed out.
Looking spiffy!
There are endlessly beautiful views here as we ride the rim.
We first left the campground and headed down passed the entrance station.

We traverse through town to the other entrance station to start the ride back up.
On our way back into the park.

Here is what has to say about this ride: "A great place for road bikers ...
Rim Rock Drive is a paved 23 mile road that runs the course of Colorado National Monument, connecting the west entrance in Fruita and east entrance in Grand Junction. There are steep climbs once you get past either entrance; at Fruita, the elevation 4690 feet, and at Grand Junction, the elevation is 4930 feet. The highest point in the road (closer to Grand Junction) is 6640 feet, and the visitor center (four miles from the Fruita entrance) is 5787 feet.
As a road bicyclist, I do recommend that you enjoy Colorado National Monument by bike. Although the road doesn't have much shoulder, traffic is relaxed. Drivers seem respectful and hardly in a rush, and in fact, many are tourists who cruise slowly to take in the scenery. The fact that they charge $10 for admission for a car and $5 for bicycles certainly eases traffic. Also, if you bike on a weekday or when weather is far-from-pleasant, expect less user conflict." 

Dave got a photo of me heading up the switch backs.
Off I go.
Taking in another pretty view.
Here is the high point on the loop.  We also took the side trip to the little bitty town called Glade Park. This adds a fair number of miles and the general store is a fun treat.

When we arrived, some little kids had set up a lemonade stand that we went to.
Some climbing formations behind me.
Group photo at the rim!
And back to camp.  We took Pente out to get her some exercise and fun.
She never grew tired of it.
Views are spectacular here.
Happy hour on the rock!  The next day, Dave road the loop again in the reverse order. I did some of it but grew very tired of the head winds. It was  nice to get back to camp and just relax for a bit. Great get away!

June 21 to 27 2015, Day XII of BTC, Salida to Breckenridge

The last day is a doozy! 80 miles and two mountain passes: Trout Creek and Hoosier Pass. This entire tour offered several new passes for us both. Cottonwood's west side was new, as was Kebler, McClure and now these two. Fun to accomplish some new ones.
Here I am heading up. I didn't realize it at the time, but this was the beginning of Trout Creek. 
Somehow I had it in my mind that pass was after the second aid station. Dave took off shortly after this photo.
I was super surprised to top out on this summit having just thought I was riding 'ordinary' increases in elevation. Nice to think a good chunk of the ride was done.
Aid station two was a welcome site. Today, like the others was hot!  When I got here, the budget trucks were loading up sag people. Again, another high sag carnage day!
Dave stopped at Fairplay for some protein and a cookie. I arrived later and selected a coffee shop for a nice iced chai. All that remained at this point was going through Alma and summitting Hoosier Pass.
23 miles to the car!
Fairplay is a nice little place. We both noticed this same pretty building. Glad Dave grabbed a photo of it.
Alma is the highest incorporated statutory town in the USA. It's higher than even Leadville. Pretty place.
Hoosier Pass was one that had a ton of false summits! You'd think you'd see the top only to go around the curve and see more road. 
Rest stop at the top.
I didn't even stop when I got there - I just cruised up and over and headed to Breckenridge.
Arriving back to the car, we got to go through the finish line balloon show. It was nice and colorful. 
Good to be back!
427 miles later...and a couple of sore behinds.
Dave loaded up and I showed up a bit later.
Success! I was psyched to accomplish the entire ride because I've not felt well the week before. It made me wonder if I'd be a sag queen or something. Although an idiot driver in Aspen tried to hit me (stops signs don't apply to him) and a large Hallilburton Truck near Hotchkiss also tried to kill me (you are on my shit list forever Halliburton), even my sore shoulder and rump didn't stop me. Success!
All that remained was hoping in the car and heading home!