Thursday, March 6, 2014

02_15 to 23_2014 Kauai Hawaii - day six and seven

This software is battling with me tonight!  Text will begin below the photo for this post.  Dave got some really awesome shots of this area on the beach. The algae, moss, or whatever plant matter that was here was outrageously green!

Here is the same shot with a slightly different approach. Subtle differences, but really different feel imo.

More beautiful beach-front green.

This is a view from the Na Pali Trail.

About two miles in the Na Pali Trail, there is a beautiful beach. It is the deadliest beach in Kauai as more people have been washed out to sea from it.  Given the big water the time of year we were there, the beach wasn't even exposed. The possibility of being washed out to see was quite apparent!

Beach view...

...with cairns - looks like our front yard (except for the ocean)

At the beginning of the Na Pali Coast hike.

Our first attempt to hike along the coast was shut down! Flash Floods...again. Happily it opened and we were able to go.

It never seemed right to see Red Junglefowl all over the beach. There were perhaps more of them than there were humans. These guys were everywhere! I just expect to see a farm setting, not a beach setting where these birds are!

Here I am on the coast. Another pretty place (blog posting troubles remain - at least it stopped smooshing all the photos!)
Looking up to the beginning of the hike on the Na Pali Trail. 
Hanging out near an endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal.  He did make one want to go up and snuggle.  
Adorable face!
Hiking along the Na Pali Coast. Another wet/slick hike though conditions had greatly improved from the beginning of the week.
A view along the Na Pali Coast
Dave and I on the hike on the coast
Two miles in, one reaches the deadliest beach.  I didn't make it all the way - just missed it. My shoe blew out about .5 miles in so I did most of the hike bare-footed. My feet still feel bruised 1.5 weeks later.
Hanging out at a beach.
Yet another view. They were everywhere! :)
Cattle Egret in breeding plumage were all over the island too. 
Pretty view of some reefs.
This is near the Queen's Bath area...
Another reminder not to be the next one washed out to sea. It was clear it would happen quickly.
Hanalei Pier
A little fixer upper. The humidity here does some work!
We are en route to the airport here. We had all day to troll toward to airport.  One later waterfall...
At the stop for the waterfall, some more Red Junglefowl came over. This guy was pretty aggressive and annoyed that Dave didn't hand over some food or his wallet or something.
And a few (out of order) up on the Na Pali Coast
That's it! We flew back all night and got to the house in the afternoon the following day. The jet lag was a bit rough as we both had to head to a very busy work week immediately.  Fun trip! Looking for the next one...we anticipate more trips this year than we've managed in the past.

02_15 to 23_2014 Kauai Hawaii - days four and five

More photos from Kauai!  We got these on days four and five as the weather starting cooperating a bit more.  
Dave really enjoys trying to capture landscapes.  Here is a nice beach with some big rocks. The rocks look so friction-y while in reality, many were SLICK!
A Nene! I love the Nenes!  These descendants of Canada Geese have lost much of the webbing on their toes as this works better for traversing the rocky terrain.
The Nenes were friendly.  I was feeding them (offering them) grass tips as this is what they eat. They were polite enough to take them from me. :)
Dave is walking down to the Secret Beach access from our condo. The photo doesn't capture the steep grade of this approach!
Beach view
At the beach
Hey! I look sort of naked here! I'm not. :)  At the beach enjoying some sun and we couldn't resist trolling around on some of the rocks. 
Dave repeating my first ascent on "Beach Lava" VO.  :)
Nice setting for some bouldering.
Looking back toward our condo in Princeville.
Another access to a beach. this is the good and safe part of the trail. This access keeps many away.
The view from our condo. Good place for breakfast and dinner.
We trolled around town and enjoyed some of the graphics.
Very textured view of the beach.
An adorable Laysan Albatross!  We were able to watch many engage in their mating dances as they clacked their bills at one another. Super entertaining!
Perhaps the most touristy spot of the trip - the Light House. It was a nice stop, but given the crowds I expected to discover they were giving away gold. 
At the lighthouse. We were able to see many birds here and even a sea turtle swimming below. 
Dave at the Light House!
This small island is a bird theory. It used to have many birds nesting on it, but a rat got over and ate every egg. The birds have not returned though efforts are being made to attract them. The rat received the death penalty and summarily executed. 
Another beautiful view from the Princeville area.
A silly but funny poster at the Light House. It's worth zooming to see the text.
Near the famous and amazingly delicious bakery near the Light House. While sweets are not my weakness, this place had coconut macaroons that I could eat until I popped. (I didn't try).
Dave ready to surf!
Another area we went to for beach access.
An attempt to get to a beach. We were thwarted by unsafe waters that needed to be crossed. We decided we were too young to die. 
The ubiquitous Common Myna.  They are cute and feisty birds!
Red-Footed Boobie!  A Boobie! I saw a Boobie!
Laysan Albatross flying. They are BIG (though among the smallest albatross).
Not just any frigatebird, it is a Magnificent Frigatebird!  Females have white throats, males have red throats.
We were able to see both White-Tailed and Red-Tailed Tropicbirds.  This is a White-Tailed Tropicbird....they have the cool markings on top of the wings (and a white tail). The Red-Tailed are totally white on top (and have a red tail).

Laysan Albatross coming in hot!
Red-Tailed Tropicbird
Another beautiful view of Waimea Canyon (we didn't return, but here is a reminder of the view)...
And yet another gorgeous view from the North Side.