Friday, December 25, 2015

12_25_2015 Merry Christmas

It's time for our annual Christmas gift blog. We have a ton of photos here so our family can see - almost like being here. :)

Let's get started!  Here is Pente the Christmas cat wearing her reindeer antlers. She hasn't perfected her technique yet.
Christmas portrait. Note our first tree in the photo.
Our three wisemen at the base of the tree. The one on the left is silent. The one in the middle sings Free Bird, and the one on the right plays Wipe Out. 
Getting started...
First gift was some cat toys from Rachel.  The cat came right over...
And loved them!
She would not even let us remove the toys from the packaging initially.
She spent a lot of time this morning with these toys (so much that she is crashed out on the couch right now).
Back on her box and batting toys around
This one was  batted away a second later.
Cool flashlight Dave's dad sent.
Light/aroma light sent by my parents.
Throw blanket from my sister and bro-in-law (though we really know it was you Rachel! :))
Dave got me a new shirt to keep me away from his! Like!
Little tea guy that relaxes on the cup. Pretty cool.  This was from my parents
Relaxing in my tea....
Dave got some nice jammies. He'll be loving them in the next month when he's recovering from some nasty surgery. Look for that blog toward the end of Jan.Thanks to my parents for these.
The only box that got bent in shipment. 
Luckily, the treasure inside was okay! Better than okay - awesome!
Christmas Flamingo
Cat in everything
Binos from my sister
Spoiled and nosy
Dave got the hat he wanted from my parents.  He loves it!
Mighty dashing...looks like the star in a new adventure film. 
Jammies for me. Dave will be relieved to see less of the pink monkey fleecies. :)  Thanks parents!
My sister sent was the sole non-survivor of the trip as it's tangled and broken. The cat was enjoying it nonetheless.
Some awesome Lucy climbing pants. Yay! Thanks Dave!
What lurks within?
Haha! Squirrel chaser. Dave needs that!
New down booties from Dave. Perfect!
Pente playing with the wrecked gift.
Just what Dave has been wanting...his very own MAN BUN! If you know Dave, you know he looks at all the man he can look at his own!
They don't sell them in gray, so blond has to do. Looks good!
Some hand cream from my sister.. Pente approves.
Fleece shirt for Dave. Little did my parents know that this would round out Dave's new Hipster look  - he has the bun, and the he need the scraggly beard!
Pente's gift from my parents...
Didn't I tell you she was spoiled?
Lots of rolling and attacking started as soon as it was opened....
Okay, those who know me know I try really hard, but that I still manage to buy some stinker gifts. This gift could have gone really bad, but it was a personal favorite. It's a tub of this rubbery stuff that cleans in tiny crevices...just push and pull. Dave was a bit skeptical, but after seeing what it did to our remotes, he busily moved through the house cleaning crevices. HIGHLY REWARDING.  Note Pente on her new toy watching.
She crouched under it and proceeded to attack randomly. I think she thinks she's invisible here too.
Some more origins creams from Rachel and Jim.
Just like the cat pictured on the box, Pente was rubbing on this thing.
I got Dave some Mezcal this year. I admit the owl swayed me (and the recommendation from the person at Hazel's Liquor). He thought it was going to be his annual super-duper tequila so I surprised him. I thought he might be a bit disappointed, so I gave this gift next...
He seems to have quickly figured out it was a bottle with some sort of magic elixir inside...
Meanwhile, I got my annual stamps from my folks!
And one of those adult coloring books from my sister. Very cool!
And there is is! Ultra Anejo Dolce Vito tequila. We'll take a tiny sip later.
Dave's pile...
The cat is in heaven...
Fine tea from Dave's brother...
The new tequila and mezcal with its counter companions...
The flamingo has already taken residence outside though it is below freezing.

Thanks to all those who sent gifts - some that weren't wrapped aren't shown here since there was no unwrapping. Hope all enjoyed their gifts and have a very Merry Christmas!