Saturday, December 25, 2010

12_25_2010 Merry Christmas

Christmas morning 2010. Well, really, Christmas started a couple of days ago - Dave wanted to open a gift early.

Only one. We each opened four. :)

Among those were a North Face top for each of us sent by my parents. Major score! I've been wearing mine every since. It compels me to rub my hands on myself - and it seems to compel others to do the same. Happily, strangers are not doing this. :) Dave's top is exactly something he'd been ogling as well.

We work up this morning to a lot of racket downstairs. This means only one thing - bathing parrots! Sure enough I went downstairs to a room that smells like a wet parrot locker room and a lot of happily bathing birds. Plus, upon entering the room, we find that Henri had helped himself to a Christmas morning gluttony of almonds. Rascal. They concluded their bathing with some singing and talking. Very happy birds. They too had been hitting their gifts since a couple of days ago. :)

Obviously we were good this last year as Santa brought us things we wanted and needed. For me, this means a long down coat. A really warn long down coat. Now maybe I'll leave the house when it is under 70 degrees. Also I received a student voodoo doll (this is not for all students, but only a few very select ones. I'd been talking about getting one of these since T'giving). New robe, new slippers, and a HUGE surprise, the annual set of commemorative stamps. :) In addition, a bike trainer showed up. This is a joint gift to both of us. Dave can ride without worry of falling over and injuring his elbow. We'll set it up later and give it a try.

Dave got some things he's hoped for. Some gift cards for Home Depot, a Verve chalk bag (nearly impossible to secure but I did it!), a technical hoodie (which I think he'll wear for several days straight), and the grand gift - a biscuit joiner! He's in the garage right now joining miscellaneous pieces of wood together as I type this.

Hopefully everyone liked the gifts we sent as well. I'll stop with the yapping now and just wish everyone a Happy Holiday season!

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Friday, December 24, 2010

12_24_2010 Deck/Backyard has been completed!

So, where did the month of December go? We've both been really busy with work. And the last week, I've practically lived at the gym. Finally, I'm taking some time to post up a few neglected blogs.

The before photos can be seen here: It's actually hard to believe it is the same space.

First, the deck/backyard has been done for a month or so. It looks amazing! We need to let the wood dry for a few months before we can stain it (Cedar tone). Given how dry this winter has been so far, we may not have to wait until Spring to do this. Though I don't want a drought, I am digging the 50 degrees/no snow winter this year. :)

Not many words here - mostly just wanted to get the 'after' photos up finally. It's better than we both dreamed it would be! Thanks Prod!

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

11_22 to 29_2010 Work and play in Las Vegas, Part II

In between getting a lot of work done, we continued with hanging out with many of our friends. We had dinner at the Hart's house and had a great time. Their children are learning Mandarin Chinese and are really excellent at it. (Or so it appears to this non-Mandarin Chinese speaker).

We also spent some time with Mr. and Mrs. Cosmic. They recently moved to the Vegas area with several parrots. We've known them many years via the climbing community but it was the first time we had a chance to meet their fids (feathered kids). It was good seeing them all!

We also suffered a bit and climbed (or tried to) only three more days of the trip. Not many photos of this - the places where it was remotely warm was PACKED with climbers. Not the sort of warm-weather climbing fantasy I'd had. :( Boo.

Dave did get in some hikes, which while cold even to him, we fun. And we continued entertaining and being entertained by Kappy. It's pretty funny to watch a horse-dog play around in the living room like an agile crazed poodle!

Though we had a good time, and good work was accomplished, overall the climbing part of the trip was less than stellar. We were really happy to get back home!

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11_22 to 29_2010 Work and play in Las Vegas, Part I

My quest for warmth continues. This time, I thought I'd done it - 8 days in Las Vegas for climbing. I could imagine the hot sun on my skin, the suntan I'd get, and the relaxation that warmth brings me.

So off Dave and I went to do a little work and play a little too. We stayed at the Dogfather's house again. Why is he called the Dogfather you ask? We'll, because he has a dog. And I mean a DOG. Kappy was 185 but is now a slimmer and more svelte 165. He weighs more than Dave!

The day we arrived we had some time to race to Red Rocks. Dogfather (aka Dick) and I managed to get in several fun 5.10 pitches before it got dark. The weather wasn't hot, but it's wasn't terrible. I would belay in my down and sometimes even climb without it. Not bad. My goal was to climb and lead until I was wrecked. I didn't leave wrecked this day, but did a fair amount of leading - it was a good start. Or so I thought.

Leading - heck, even climbing - wasn't in the cards because following this nice day, the weather cratered. In all, during our trip, it snowed a bit one day, rained a little two other days, several days that were near freezing - all this plus 20+ mph winds pretty much everyday.

Weather misery for sure.

Dick had to leave shortly after we arrived so we got to hang with Kappy. As soon as Dick took off, Kappy turned to Dave and I swear I heard him say "DADDY!" He followed Dave around like a puppy. Dave would sit, and Kappy would sit in Dave's lap (at least as good as a small horse can sit in one's lap). He slept at the foot of the bed (and snored - haha). He was quite cute.

I am not the only one who got in a little bit of climbing. I took some photos of Dave doing some one-armed climbing on a couple of days. It was harder than it looked to be, though he still had a lot of fun.

While the weather was the worst that Vegas had seen in years (it was a major news story there), we still had a lot of fun visiting. A fair number of Boulderites were in town so we met for a happy hour. We spent several nights hanging out with Philo and Joanne and Jorge Urioste which was a blast. And we celebrated Thanksgiving together with a chicken-in-a-bag and Kappy.

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