Saturday, October 31, 2009

10_28-31 Back to Chicago!

Work took me back to Chicago. This time I was armed with a camera - and I even used it! I was scheduled to fly out of Denver on an 11am flight. The day before leaving, the weather forecast deteriorated. A huge winter weather front was coming in and MANY inches of snow were forecast. So, I ended up on the 6:40am flight out of Denver.

6:40 am?


Recall that we live an hour from the airport, I need to be there an hour before the flight, and I need to get up to get ready. In other words, I was up at an obscene hour - I left the house in the dark and in the snow.

The changing of the flight was clearly the right thing to have done. My flight was delayed for over an hour while we sat on-board during the de-icing. I began to wonder if I'd get out of town even on this early flight. The flight was able to get out just in time. The official snow totals back home were big. Boulder 'officially' got about 20", and Eldorado Springs got at least 31"! It was a mess.

Before I knew it I was back in Chicago. It was warm. It wasn't snowing. It was great!While walking to and from the office, I passed several of the cool sights in the city. It's a beautiful place.

The hotel I stay in is at the corner of State and Washington which offers a view of the very nearby Millenium Park sculpture/structure/thingy.

Not only are the surrounding sights awesome, the actual hotel I stay in is. It is the Burnham Hotel which is located in the Reliance Building (architect Daniel Burnham). The hotel is on the history building registry and has a rich architectural history (as do pretty much every building in the downtown Chicago area!). Google "Reliance Building" and "Daniel Burnham" for more fun.

Work went well. I finally managed to go to the Sears Tower. (yeah, yeah, it's now officially the Willis Tower, but I think it'll always be the Sears Tower to me). It was for work, but it was still very cool. I accomplished a lot regrading my Chicago business and I had plenty of time to work on some of my own research. In addition, I gorged on HGTV since we don't have a signal at the house. Sadly I couldn't find any worse TV like Wifeswap so I could completely go flatline.

I flew back to Boulder this morning. As we got further west, the snow on the ground was obvious. Some of the views from the plane look like something a person might thing resulted from an alien invasion - all those green circles! Aliens! Ha!

I got home to some happy birds and a lonely cat. Henri, as usual, passed out when I got home. He's always so happy to see me that it messes with his heart. I wish that wouldn't happen. And the other birds were chatty. Grace and Clover both had a lot to say - "Hi Girl!" "Hi Girl" "What 'cha doing?." Then both of them started mimicking Henri's laughter (which is a mimic of my own laughter). It was hilarious.

I sit here tonight with a cat firmly affixed to me. I know she's looking forward to seeing Dave when he gets home from Indian Creek tomorrow. I am too!

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

10_24_09 Miscellany- Birds, Snow, Deck, Stuff

It's snowing again. Second time today and the umpteenth time this month. We has so little snow last year (and no summer either). We're paying now! The high today is 37 and we hit it hours ago.

Happily Dave spent some time on the back deck before the weather started. We needed desperately to refinish the wood out there. He sanded, water-coated and stained the rail about 30 seconds before the weather came.

Given the look on his face, I think he was sniffing the coating when I wasn't looking. *snicker*

It looks so much better! Now we just need a little time to do the actual surface of the deck. It is in bad shape.

Maybe next year if we get a summer we'll be able to spend more time out back and enjoy the birds...

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Friday, October 23, 2009

10_23_09 Boulder Views

While out today, I happened to have the camera and take the time to stop and get some photos of Boulder. My photography skills are the worst, yet I managed to capture some of the beauty of the area.

I see this view a lot and wonder how long we will be here to enjoy it. I don't want to take it for granted. i don't want to end up with no photos of it. So bad photos or not, I've got them because no doubt some day we'll be thinking back to when this was our everyday view.

Just wanted to share. Enjoy!

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10_22_09 Mary and Bob over for dinner

We had some friends over for dinner last night. Great time! Dave made a delicious meal of lasagna. Mary and Bob brought some really fun chocolate deserts in the Halloween spirit. Red wine didn't stand a chance in the house. It was devoured. :)

Henri and Dave provided the evening's entertainment. Dave had a crinkly package and Henri couldn't help but respond to it. I finally had to take the bag away from Dave before Henri collapsed.

After Henri went to bed, Pente stepped up to the plate to demonstrate the "tape on cat head" trick and the "amazing balancing cat" trick. She did not disappoint.

Just wanted to pop up some photos of a great evening!

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10_18_09 Grand Junction CO ro "More Lizards, Less People"

After a nice night camping, we got up and headed into Fruita to the coffee shop to relax. It's a cool little area with quite the concentration of unique people.

After a while, we drove to the trailhead to hike into Otto's Route. We'd done Otto's Route more than a year before but thought it'd be fun to do it again. The hike isn't bad, and the route easy.

We'd see what my foot had to say about it.

The hike was pretty. It was warm which was good. The trees were changing and quite beautiful. And it was warm. Did I mention how nice it was to finally be warm?

:) A cool part of the hike was seeing a Petroglyph. Dave had walked passed it for decades and not noticed it - but there it was right on the main trail. Very cool!

We got to the climb to see quite the crowd at Otto's. In the end, it was okay as they let us pass to summit.

The fun of the climb was greatly diminished given my foot. And the hike out was awful. I announced at the car that I was done with any hiking until the surgery. I now look forward to it 100% instead of partially dreading it and partially being happy it's coming. It can't come too soon now as far as I'm concerned.

At the bottom of the rap, Dave played on a 'surf' boulder. Check out the video below...

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10_17_09 Climbing outside Glenwood Springs then to Grand Junction CO

For a quick trip out of town, we decided to head west and spend a weekend in the Western Slope area. Day one, we stopped in an area just miles east of Glenwood Spring and climbed at a small area called Poux.

This name is a spoof on the famous Boux - an international climbing destination in France.

a onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">Soooo, Pous is pronouned Pukes. Yes, Pukes. Haha!

This area has more limestone climbing that it looks as one whizzes by on I-70. And it was pretty fun. I especially liked the "hike" in. It took maybe three minutes which made my foot very happy.

I TR'd three pitches before whimpering into defeat from foot pain. Dave did a bit more. Fun stuff really.

We then headed further west to Grand Junction. We set up camp in the Monument. We got a choice site as well - the view was beautiful.

It was really nice getting away from town and work and the phone and the computer, etc. We should do this more!

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