Monday, June 8, 2015

05_24 to 06_10_2015 - Dave and Mark Cartwright in Yosemite - the Cliff Notes

This is not the full blown report, but a synopsis of Dave and Mark C on El Cap. A full blow trip report will happen when he gets home.

Dave and Mark ended up climbing Tangerine Trip (with alternative start on Virginia and I think Lost in America). You can see the route in this photo I found on the web.

The plan had been to do Mescalito, but it had been raining a fair amount in the Valley and that would have put them in some very wet areas. So they opted for TT which is far more over-hanging = dry.

Here is a photo of them on about pitch five I believe. Dave is the top climber, and Mark is below the haul bags.
Here they are at a belay.
Here is Dave freeing a pitch. Cool photo!
And on 6/8/2015, Dave leads the final two pitches. As I type this, they are on top of El Cap eating and resting. They'll hike down tomorrow and start the journey home.

06_05 to 06_2015 Shelf Road with Michelle Kranz

Not much of me in these blog posts these days. :(  I work way too much. Maybe a lot of people say that, but I really do - and I'm going to pop if something doesn't change. Happily, Michelle asked me to head to Shelf Road this past weekend. I said yes and off we went. We headed down on Saturday morning to find pretty darn great weather, and almost no other climbers. Pretty dreamy!

We did not get many photos at all - given it was just two of us they would have been butt shots so that is just as good that we did not. :)
After a full day of fun climbing, we headed down to our campsite. As we were settling in, our camping neighbors walked up. To my surprise, Christine Martell, a colleague was camping right next to us with her children, husband and friends. Good to see her  out there.
Michelle and I hung out, had dinner and was sad that we'd not thought to bring margaritas for the evening. 
After a good night of sleep, we headed back to Cactus Cliff and got in many good climbs again. My favorite was the final climb of the day which was at The Vault. As we were climbing it, the weather turned, and the thunder started. We packed up as fast as we could and hiked the mile out in the rain.

The drive home was fun and overall the weekend was a great success. I totally need to do this more often!

04_25 to 29_2015 Escalante, Utah - some Arch Photography and Hiking

Dave slowly started his way back home. En route, he stopped in Utah at Escalante so he could head waaaaaaay out there to get some photos of Sunset Arch.
It was quite the trip to get out there, but he made it and he got some awesome photos of the not-frequently photographed feature.
Still pretty.
There's Dave with the arch!
He also did a huge hike in an canyon there. I think he enjoyed it but he got filthy!
Not sure the shoes were salvageable.
Gorgeous terrain.
Gorgeous no matter what direction one looks.
Additional arches
Nice photography
Driving way out again.
Desert selfie
Heading home to storms
Until next time!!

04_20 to 25_2015 Joshua Tree - Part II of the Trip

After I flew home, Dave headed back to Joshua Tree to climb some more. Here he is with Rick, Felicia and  Greg.
They are heading off for some adventure.
Almost there...
Dave has topped out!
Felicia flashes the victory sign!
Looks like someone is slabbing on Loose Lady - is that Rick?
Medium Sooze has joined in the fun.
Heading up something really scary! Dave and Susan get their scared faces warmed up.
Dave is cranking up the wall...
Cool photo!
Out in the desert.
I'm not sure. A rock. I'm sure it's a rock.
Fun photo of Rick (??) heading up the wall.
Dave and Rick.
One day Dave connected with Todd Gordon. The two of them and some others headed out for some back-country climbing.
Some of the main characters.
Climbing posse. :)
Todd Gordon
Dave and Todd
Great shot of some rocks in J-Tree.