Sunday, May 12, 2013

04_2013 Miscellaneous bird photos!

Dave and I went out birding recently in the Boulder area. Migration was just barely happening, but still, we saw some fun birds. First photo is of a Sage Thrasher. Not sure how, but we'd not seen one here in Boulder (or at least we don't recall having seen one).  They are feisty looking and handsome birds.

 We headed over to a trusty spot for a Dipper nest and were not disappointed. There is at least one noisy chick in the nest. The parents were out dipping and feeding. This photo is awesome - showing the Dipper sticking his head under water wondering if there are any good grubs to dine on!

 It often surprises folks, but White Pelicans are a constant presence in the Boulder area. Some stay over winter. There were huge flocks (70+ birds) hanging out trolling around the waters showing off their 'handsome' bill growth thing. Glad it works for the female does nothing for me!
 Another nice Pelican image.

 An American Avocet. Pretty common, but it's the first one I've seen. Never done much birding in the shore-bird realm.

Handsome White Pelican gliding through the air. For big goofy birds, they are very elegant flyers.

 Neat photo of an Osprey with a bunch of White Pelicans in the background.

 Great Blue Heron. The rookery is in full swing!

 An Osprey with a bloody snack he captured in our presence. The fish was still moving it's mouth as the bird was flying away.

 Belted Kingfisher! This bird is hard to photograph as she doesn't allow anyone near her at all!

 Dipper with some grub. Ew!

 More Dipper portraits. Can't get enough of them!

 Here is a beautiful Eastern Phoebe. Yes, Eastern Phoebe. There are several in Boulder right now - several pairs that are nesting. This is most unusual and exciting for us. Not only are Eastern Phoebes here, but so are Eastern Towhees and Eastern Bluebirds.

 Two Great-Horned Owlets.  Not much to say except that they are adorable!

 Here is momma Owl. Really beautiful.

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