Sunday, September 6, 2015

08_15_15 to 08_19_2015 Dad brings Dayle and Dewey!

Dad drove up from the Houston area to bring Dayle (age 20) and Dewey (age 16). They had been at my parents house for years but it was time for them to move to CO to be with us.

After the marathon drive, it was first time to hop in the shower with them. They LOVE that. Usually when I'd go to the Houston area, we'd shower together because it's fun. :)

Dayle broke his back at age 6 months. He's thrived since then and continues not to be phased by his physical limitations. (that is why he's in a towel and basket).
Here they are pre-shower.
Two very clean, wet and happy birds post-shower!
Dad hung out a few days before heading off to KCMO. We drove up to Nederland where we had lunch at the Thai place (marginal), then looked in some fun shops there.
Outside the gem shop
And of course, we had to take some photos outside the Green Cross store!
Neither Dave nor I had ever noticed the mining museum in Ned. Lots of fun heavy equipment outside to check out.
Cool rusty stuff!
Sadly, it was closed so we were left to looking into the windows. We'll have to get back there some day.
One stop was the local outdoor shop.
The day before dad left, Dayle and Dewey's new cage arrived! It is the same brand that the other birds have (so they match) but is a bit wider to allow us to retrofit it for Dayle's needs.
Dave is putting together some stuff....
Dad as well....
Henri had to oversee it all while on top of his cage.
Here is Dayle watching from his old cage. This was Henri's original cage and one that served Dayle well for a long time. Problem is that at my parent's  house, Dewey could roam free and go/come from Dayle's cage at will. Can't do that here with the other birds in the room. They needed to be caged together.
Putting the cage in the new location.
Dewey looks from her old cage....

(this cage was later donated to Greenwood animal rehabbing).
We moved Dayle in his old cage next to Dewey. Dave was able to make Dayle's set up within a day so they could be together....
Here is the box Dave made for Dayle.
While Dayle's stuff was being constructed, Dewey made several visits to hang out with Dayle.
These two are very bonded.
We put a cushion in the bottom of the box. I later added some cushion bumpers along the side. The entire thing is covered in towels and his food/water is placed in the box for easy access.
Cushion being added.
Looks great. We later added an aluminum rod that goes along the open side. He can use the rod to move around.
And he's home! Dayle loves his new box!
Really great box work by Dave has Dayle and Dewey super happy!
Happy birds!
Here is the old cage. It's pretty beat but has seen a lot of good times. Before we threw it out, I grabbed some photos of Henri on it. 
And here he is. 36 years ago, Henri and this cage came home. He was pretty quickly rehomed when we realized this cage is a terrible choice for him! Still, it's been a great cage that served everyone well.

08_04_to_08_15_2015 Tuolumne Meadows/Eastside, Part VI

Here is the birthday boy with Tenaya Peak in the background.
Dave and Andy then changed sites to the Eastside. This is a favorite camping location near Tom's Place. We put the fifth wheel here many times (this isn't exactly the same place, but very close).
Nice and quiet area.
There were/are many fires in California which make for colorful sunsets.
The guys headed up Pine Creek Canyon for some fun climbing.
While there, Peter Croft and his wife Karin (sp?) were climbing next to them.
Back at the campsite.
And back in the canyon. Super stinky smoke-filled air.
 But another pretty sunset!
The last day, Dave drove Andy to Bishop where he was scheduled to pick up the bus to head home. Before that, they had to stop at the iconic bakery from some goodies!
Another great photo of the partners.
And to cap it out of order photo!  Top of Tenaya Peak.

08_04_to_08_15_2015 Tuolumne Meadows/East side, Part V

Dave and Andy headed to Tuolumne Meadows for some more climbing. Here they are at Lembert Dome. 
At the top.
They ended up with a really nice camp site in the Meadows which was awesome!
Heading up something.
Nice view.
Post climbing reward
Dave has used up most of his knees. They were letting him know that they are looking forward to some rest.
A Coopers (or Sharpie) in the campground dining on a chipmunk. 
Andy at a belay.
Really nice photo of Andy heading up a pitch. This should be in a guidebook!
Fun summit shot!
Boulder hopping.
On Dave's 55th birthday, they soloed up Tenaya Peak. Dave did the same last year. Here is the Peak from the bottom.
At the top - age 55 completed!
Summit partner shot!