Sunday, March 13, 2011

03_2001 Dave plays in SoCal and J-Tree

Dave here...Last week I flew out for a long weekend to visit my friend Kenny and his family in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

This beautiful area lies on a somewhat isolated peninsula between LA and Long Beach. The area has very pretty quiet beaches and lots of vegetation on the hillsides that rise from the sea.

Generally there are supposed to be quite a few species of birds flitting about in the vegetation. I didn't have the best weather conditions for chasing birds but I did manage to see a few between the coastal areas and the South Coast Botanic Gardens a few miles inland.

I also spent some time trolling the beaches late in the day to shoot a few sunset photos. I came across a very cute baby seal. I wasn't sure if he was just being lazy or if he was injured or sick. I spent some time talking to him but he couldn't tell me how he felt. I even scratched his head. Eventually the tide came in enough at sunset and he swam out to sea. I hope he was okay.

Anyway, here are some bird and scenic shots from the area. I hope you enjoy them. We'll also post up another entry soon to show some pics from the two days of climbing Kenny and I enjoyed in Joshua Tree.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

03_11_2011 Blending in...or getting stripes. :)

So, we are heading to Mexico shortly. Specifically flying into Monterrey to climb nearby. Unfortunately this area has been troubled with DTO (drug trafficking organizations) and the violence that accompanies them.

On one hand, I know our chances of being bothered are as close to zero as they can be. On the other hand, I think it best to not draw any attention to ourselves while we are there.

One thing I've learned from traveling to countries south of the USA is that blond hair can sometimes draw a lot of attention. So, I thought I'd put some temporary color in so I blend better while we are there. It would serve a functional purpose and given it's temporary, it might be fun.

How bad could it be?

Actually, it wasn't too bad. Only a few casualties resulted as Henri observed while he hung out in the peanut gallery. Two casualties were the bathroom doors. How I got the hair color on those white doors is a mystery. No denying I did that though as they are not 100% white anymore (note to self - touch up needed).

The only other "casualty" was realizing I have more hair than one box of color can handle. So, if you look closely, you'll see a bit of horizontal zebra striping. :) Doh!

In the end, I don't hate it. Maybe it even looks good. Not sure as it is still too shocking for me and I already miss my skunk streak. The goal was achieved though. This with my big trendy sunglasses should allow me to blend a bit more and have some fun. :) Plus in 28 washes the box says, it'll be gone. I wonder what Dave will think when he gets back into town tonight. We'll see!

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