Saturday, December 31, 2011

12_31_2011 Ferne

Ferne (5/18/1994 to 12/31/2011) died this morning at 10:45am. We were home with him and I was able to hold him as he died. It was very fast - like under a minute - and he was gone.

Later I'll post a bunch of his baby photos. For now, I offer this one - taken about two weeks ago. He was a gentle jolly bird. We'll miss him terribly.

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

12_25_2011 Rotten Cat

Cats are like heat seeking missiles. One ray of sunshine and they are on it! Here are some nice photos of Pente in that one ray of sunshine, near the fireplace, following the gift opening.

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12_25_2011 Christmas

Christmas morning here started as most mornings. Up. Tea. Feeding and watering the birds (plus the new twice daily serving of warm oatmeal. Still trying to fatten - without cholesterol - Ferne). Then we settled in to open the gifts. Lots of nice items exchanged and received.

Dave received a 70m Mammut Infinity rope. I couldn't find bipattern, but it'll do just the same. It's already coiled and waiting for it's first use. If all this snow would melt, he'll be out I'm sure. I received what I asked for from Santa - my Christmas facial gift certificate and a heart rate monitor that goes with my super duper bike computer. Just like my computer downloads all data about my rides, it will now download heart rate during it. Right now, I only ride on the trainer, but in no time the weather will be nice and safe enough to get back on the road.

Lots of other goodies included some tools from my parents. And Dave's mom sent a cat toy. It is supposed to go on a door knob. I couldn't help but try...I learned Pente's head is bigger than a doorknob. She makes great faces!

As always, Pente loved it all. Lots of new surfaces to sit on. Things to swat at. Boxes to scratch. We received a drinking bird that had a short but happy life. She was interested in it before it met its tragic end. I took it to the kitchen, got it a glass with water, gave it a drink, the liquid filled body swung back, tapped the glass, and shattered sending green liquid all over in an instant. Glad I wasn't on the carpet still!

Dave ended up withe three new shirts. An FBI shirt, fleece and a Prana shirt I got. Only the Prana needs to be returned as it's too small.

Lots of other nice goodies, including a Keurig coffee maker and coffees, the full set of JackAss (movies), coasters, ornaments, a scarf, very neat Brighton charms (frog and two sparklies) and a nice critter hat. I wear it as I type this blog.

Nice morning. Now things are cleaned up, and we are both fading. Dave wants to go for a walk. I want to take a nap. Hopefully it stays a nice, relaxing day.

Merry Christmas!

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12_24_2011 Christmas Eve Dinner with Friends

We had some friends over for dinner on Christmas Eve. I cooked a nice turkey breast (that turned out really yummy!), mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and cookies. Guests brought pasta salad, wine, amazing desserts and other great stuff. It was a feast!

Great time having Bob, Mary Jo, Mary Ann and Steve over. Thanks for a great time!

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12_2011 Parrot Portraits

Slow at blogging - again. So much going on. :/ Well, we took some time out to get the parrots in the living room to take some nice portraits. While I have hundreds, I picked only three to share here.

The first is Henri. He's 32 (he'll be 33 in the Spring). He enjoyed being the center of attention and was entertaining for the entire photo shoot.

The next photo is of Grace (front) and Gabbie (both 13). They did well though they didn't want to sit on the plant next to each other. This made it difficult (impossible?) to get them both in focus. Gabbie isn't a fan of new places and new things so hopefully the horror on his face isn't too apparent. :)

And finally, a photo of Ferne (left) and Clover (right). Ferne has been pretty sick lately and still is not out of the woods. We go back to the vet in about two weeks and I hope we learn things are turning around for him. He's only 17 and his cholesterol is through the roof (486). He's on two medications now and I'm trying to get him eating some high grain foods. He's doing it, but it seems he can't eat enough. He definitely seems to feel a little bit better. Hope it keeps that way.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

11_30_11 Miscellaneous Fall Photos

Fall came and went. Winter is here and we've been too busy. We've been up to a lot, but haven't posted much. Hopefully in the next few weeks that will change.

Until then, Dave offers these photos of the season. Enjoy!

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