Tuesday, September 12, 2017

2017 - Miscellaneous Callie stuff this year

Dave has been able to get out and play a lot this year. I have been working a ton. I completed the Methods book in June so I couldn't play as much. Still, I thought I'd share a blog of random Callie stuff. In the future, I hope you see more of me playing and less of me working!

This first photo is Dr. LeBonde - a great avian vet. He is trimming Dayle lower bill (with a dremel). We don't have to do this often, but sometimes we do.
March 21-27, I headed to KCMO for the ACJS conference. Family was supposed to come up and join me, but they did not. As a result, I was stuck at the hotel mostly. Turned out getting a rental car was impossible. Crazy. I had a hotel room on the second floor with a nice view.
I did get to spend time with my cousin Wanona. We went to lunch and hung out. We drove by Grandma Waterman's old home. It looks great really.
I also had dinner with my uncle Robert and his wife Abbey.  Luke their son was around, but I didn't end up with a photo of him.
This is a building on Independence Avenue a few blocks from grandma's old home. I love this building because when we were little, seeing it meant we were almost to grandma's house. I adore this bldg.
Here's an old photo of sassy grandma Waterman!
Pente has continued being very Pente this year. I am sitting on the bed working (on the methods book no doubt) and this is what I have in my face. Some things never change.
In April, while in High Island Birding, we stopped at my parent's home for a couple of days. For once, we remembered to get a photo!
In April also, Dave and I went to the School of Public Affairs banquet in downtown Denver. It's always a blast to go. And it's fun to get a chance to dress up.
And of course the parrots are fabulous. This is a picture of sweet Grace.
Sweet Gabbie.
Dewey - aka Dew-bug.
I got a pair of socks that I'm crazy about. Easy to wear to work under slacks. They crack me up!
Pente lounging in her kitty pen on the back porch. As always, she looks pretty stressed. Not!
In early May, I went on a tour of a sheet metal shop. SO MUCH FUN! Cool equipment.
I got to make this excellent box. I blinged it up when I got home.
I was in Denver on May 9th when Denver got pummeled by the biggest hail storm I've ever seen. That isn't snow on the ground - it's hail.
Walking out to the bus stop was treacherous because there was so much hail and everything was slick.
More hail. The next day, coming into the office, there was STILL hail piles all around.
Here is sweet Dayle enjoying a clementine slice. He and Dewey have been with us for two years now and they are a joy. We're happy they are here, and I think they like it too.
If Dayle sees Dave on the bed, he wants to go in and snuggle with him. It's adorable.
Also in May, behind our home in Tantra Park, we found Mutton Mowers! Someone had brought in a bunch of goats (and a llama for protection) to keep the grass cut.
Pretty fun to see them. They did not seem too interested in us.
In June, I purchased a 20 fish tank. I'd been wanting one for years. When Ferne was a baby he loved to watch the fish in my 55 gallon salt water tank in Houston. It's taken that long to get a new tank. Dave was resistant at first, but when I got him to the fish store, he was psyched. The fish store brought back a ton of memories for both of us as we recalled fish we had when we were kids.  We ended up with some fantail guppies, cardinal tetras, two koi angelfish, and a catfish.
We later added three Oto (algae eaters), one bristle nosed picasamous (spell? also an algae eater), and SEVEN shrimp. We've also since traded out the plastic plants for real ones.

I especially love the shrimp. They are hilarious to watch. Can't eat shrimp ever again now!
Also, my orchids are doing well. Lots of good blooming. I had my first one get mealy bugs. NO GOOD. I managed to get him away from the others before it spread. Months later, he is still hanging on but barely. I may have to let that orchid go.
With the book done, Dave and I have been able to get out on the bikes together again. No bike tour for us this year - but hopefully we can next year. It's just nice to do something other than work!
look at that sweet little Dewey smile!
Dayle in his bed/loft/box.
Dayle loves to sit out on the back porch with us in the evenings still. Recently, this month in Aug/Sept he has been working on some words. He said "good good bird" recently, and seems to be trying other things. Just yesterday I heard Dewey trying out some phrases (that I still can't understand). I think that Clover has been teaching Dewey some things. Grace says "good good bird" and "good good girl" so I wonder if Dayle picke that up from her.
Another beautiful orchid bloom. This is a fragrant one.
With the book done, I've been sewing too. It's been fun. I know how 72,495 wallets and bags if anyone needs one.
A video of Henri in the shower. Hope it loaded correctly!
And a sweet, relaxing video of a sleepy Dayle. I can't get enough of this clip.

6_17_to_24_2017 City of Rocks - birds, climbers, and climbing

I went up to City of Rocks Idaho for a week in late June to meet up with a group of long time climbers for exercise, birding and socializing.  Really nice weather and fun people and some good birds too!  Here is a Green-tailed Towhee checking out the fine granite.
Here a Red-naped Sapsucker brings some tasty red ants in for the baby birds in the nest.
A minute later out he comes with a mouthful of droppings and other debris - gotta keep the nest clean!
Another shot, this time the fast exit move!
A Warbling Vireo singing while on the nest.  This seemed like unusual behavior to me since birds don't normally 'advertise' nest location.
A Dad Downey Woodpecker brings in some grub for the little ones.
Dad exiting with nest debris while Mom delivers some food.
The Castle Rocks area with a storm moving in.
Typical fun climbing at the Castle Rocks area.
Me, Roger, Marshall and Kim at Kim's cabin outside of Castle Rocks.
Kim and Marshall hiking in to climb at City of Rocks.
Me leading a fun route at the Building Blocks area at City of Rocks.
The view from the base, a beautiful area.
Another fun route at the Building Blocks, down low.
Higher up, same route.
Marshall following a harder arete climb.
Kim climbing, Marshall belaying, father/son team!
The view of the crew at the group campsite :-)
Group camp parking and view.
Kim delivering yummy pizza to the crew at the group camp.
Tall tales being told!
Ray happily displays the pizza.  Ray organized the event, thanks Ray!
Jim loving his new Donny TP!!  :-)
Climbing at the Decadent Wall, great stuff there.
My hat for the trip :-)
Roger on a very cool arete climb.
Roger and Kim on "Morning Glory", a really great 3 pitch 5.10d route.
City view.
Roger coming up the crux pitch.
Kim working his way up the crux pitch.
Kim following the final pitch.
The 3 of us on the summit of Morning Glory.  Good fun!
Tequila sipping time!
Part of the crew at dinner.
Angela and Jim.
More group action at dinner time.
Heidi and Ray.
Sunset view from camp.
Campfire tales!
An old cabin I saw while starting the drive home.  Another really fun summer trip!