Wednesday, October 31, 2012

10_31_2012 The third and last installment of bird photos

Yellow-Breasted chat
American Goldfinch
Spotted Towhee
Young Downey Woodpecker
same baby Downey Woodpecker
One angry Northern Harrier
A scrappy Green-Tailed Towhee
Northern Harrier
Five baby Blue-Gray Gnatcatchers. We got to see them fledge.
Mom BG Gnatcatcher to the left feeding her five young.
Yellow Warbler bathing!
Northern Harrier
papa Blue Gray Gnatcatcher. Easy to know he's a male (eyebrow) and we know he's the dad to the chicks since he has a bum right foot.
mama Blue Gray Gnatcatcher
papa Blue Gray Gnatcatcher
Beautiful adult Cedar Waxwing
Western Wood PeeWee  Free Blog Counter

10_31_2012 More Bird Portraits

Baby Cedar Waxwing
Black Capped Chickadee
Same little Black Capped Chickadee
Downy Woodpecker. See the seeds popping out the backside following his strike?
Downy Woodpecker prepping for the strike.
A younger version of the Western Wood Peewees at the South Mesa Trailhead.
Here are a couple of mom delivers disgusting worms. :)

A pretty Say's Phoebe
Gray Catbird.

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10_31_2012 Bird Photos

To say I am behind on blogs is an understatement. I'm so behind I now longer even know what I should have been posting!Well, not much I can do but just try to get some stuff up. I'll start with some nice bird portraits Dave has taken lately. First up is a Snowy Egret. He was out at Walden Ponds. Nice to see him given there was so little water in the ponds.
This cute little bird is a male House Finch. He's in the heated bird bath out back. Though really common, they are sweet pretty little birds.
Here is another male House Finch. It's not breeding season so his colors are muted. Still, he's quite pretty I think.
Here is another player at the backyard heated bird bath. This is an American Goldfinch in his muted non-breeding season plummage.
Here is another  bird out at Walden Ponds. Yeah, I don't know what it is. And I'm not going to look in the book right now. Suggestions are welcome. Still, it's a nice photo with the cool reflection.

Next up is a pretty Pine Siskin. Older bird guides refer to this as a Pine Finch. They really are just like little Goldfinch in disguise in my opinion.
A Black-capped Chickadee. These are common visitors in the backyard. Now we are getting Mountain Chickadee too (though we have no photos). Fun  birds!
I took this photo! This is of course a Blue Jay. To me, they are the German Shepherds of the song bird world. Really beautiful
A female House Finch. They look like this year around. Plain, sure, but beautiful in their own way.
Here are several Lesser Goldfinch in the heated bath. That thing is a hit every year.
This is a nest of three baby Wood Peewees we saw a few months ago at the South Mesa Trailhead. We watched them over a couple of days goes from tiny birds huddled in a nest to fledged young adults. Cool.
The ubiquitous GBH - Great Blue Heron. Beautiful.
And finally, in San Luis Valley, we saw this MacGillivray's Warbler. It's the first we've seen. Pretty cool! Two more bird blogs to follow.... Free Blog Counter