Saturday, November 13, 2010

11_2010 Beautiful Fall colors, scenes and birds

These are some photos from around here this fall. The leaves changed so some amazing shades of fire and hung on for weeks before some Chinooks took them.

In the interim, we got to enjoy fun birds and stuff with an amazing back drop.

Not much to add - just that I hope you enjoy Dave's work.

11_12_2010 Messy work, a hose, and boys. Ha!

Dave and Guy tackled one of the outstanding items for the garage renovation last night. I am very sorry I missed this (loooong day at the office). Still, had I been there, it seems doubtful some of these photos would have been taken. :)

Boys. :)

They insulated the garage attic. Some cool blower thingy and 23 bales of insulation all gobbled in the attic (and some in the house attic too).

Clearly it's a bit of a messy job. I hear there was fun being had as they used the air hose to try and blow each other clean (insert joke).

Try as they may, the effect was to instantly age each of them about 50 years. Glad they had a great time doing it. Plus, it is just nice to have that task completed given the increasingly cold weather here.

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11_2010 Backyard rennovation update

The backyard make over is making lots of progress so I thought I'd post some photos. The first few are clearly a week or so old (no snow in them). I grabbed them as Guy was finishing up the actual decking. That is now complete.

Since then the weather has turned cold and snowy (boo) so it's more difficult to show progress. Nonetheless, progress is being made. The stairs are nearing completion. And the hardware for the handrails are ordered so I think that is suppose to be done by next week too.

One view that hasn't changed and is still great is found in the backyard. Check out those flatirons!

The biggest wild card is the landscaper guy. He really really really promises that he'll show up on Monday to do his portion of the job. I'll believe it when I see it!

So close - can't wait to see the yard look better than it's ever looked before!

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11_11_2010 More night-time visitors

Not a huge blog entry, but a cute one. The other night as I was sitting at the table working I noticed the neighbor's motion detector light went on in her backyard. I wondered what sort of critter this would reveal.

Moments later I knew. On the back porch was a raccoon. So cute! Then he started multiplying. Moments later there were two.

Then three.

We couldn't believe it when at once there were four of them on the back porch! Finally the fifth made an appearance.

Crazy! While the photos aren't the best (taking them through the sliding glass door) I hope you enjoy them. They were a riot!

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