Saturday, November 7, 2015

10_12 to 10_16_2015 Indian Creek Utah

After spending 8 days climbing with the AZ gang in City of Rocks Idaho, I headed south to Indian Creek Utah for 5 days of desert crack climbing fun.  I stayed at my friend Peggy's campsite in the Bridger Jacks.
On my first day I decided to rope solo the Sparkling Touch tower, shown in this pic.  I have climbed this tower a few times over the years but never by myself, so I figured it would be a good adventure :-)
It was somewhat of a shock to go from the bullet hard and generally flawless granite of City of Rocks to a Canyonlands tower with only a day in between!  The route provided good rope solo value and I enjoyed some nice time on the summit perusing the summit register.
View from the base of the tower. My camp is basically right in the center of the picture...
After climbing and descending the tower - of course I forgot to bring the camera to the summit...  When rope soloing it's always nice to minimize the gear you carry but I did mean to carry the camera up the tower!
A view of the Bridger Jacks from the trail up to the 4x4 wall. This wall stays in the shade most of the day which is good since it was unseasonably warm/hot during my stay.
One of my ham hands after a couple of desert crack climbs :-)
Here is a really fun 5.10b crack/corner climb on the 4x4 wall.
Late day camp selfie shot - nice place!
Sunrise view of my camp table - english breakfast tea brewing up :-)
A Tarantula strolling through camp during breakfast!
Another really fun 5.10 crack/corner climb on the 4x4 wall.
Same route, different view.
This is a very cool 5.11a/b face and corner climb called "Lift Kit" keeping in theme with the 4x4 Wall names.
Same climb, Lift Kit, higher up.
Higher, wider view, really good climb!
Daniel and Peggy  at the base of the climb.  Last climb of the trip!  Until next  time...