Sunday, June 30, 2013

06_25 to 07_02_2013 Mom, Hannah & Zoe do Colorado! Part 6!!

Okay, the camera is still goofed up. :)  Oh well. So, I think today's day is documented with sepia photos.  :)  We got up and Hannah made a delicious breakfast of biscuits and gravy and bacon.

Then we headed over to Tantra Lake to feed our geese and ducks.

Then piled in the car and headed to The Wild Animal Sanctuary for the afternoon.

This place is cool. I took Dad there a few years ago and they have made a ton of improvements. It was really fun then, but it was outstanding this time.

We started at the African Serval pens. These are some sort of felines. Really beautiful.
We also looked at the Leopards. There were spotted leopards and black leopards. Really pretty.
The tigers may have been the star of the place. There were many tigers, and one was a white tiger. Neat. We went today because it was feeding day which is supposed to be the best day to go.
Not sure how many tigers are there. We guess that there are about at least dozens of them. There were all pets before - not a good idea. They end up at the sanctuary to live out a decent life - something they did not have before. 
Not sure why, but it seems surprising that the tigers acted just like....cats. Yes, just like large versions of your house cat. Well, except for getting in large tubs of water. They liked that.
Lots of tigers liked the tubs of water.
This is a place to go. It is huge, binoculars are mandatory. It's cool. 
On the horizon there were Alpaca, Black bears, Grizzly bears, camel, llama, horse, tigers, lions, leopards, cougars, lynx, porcupines, fox, and a pug dog. 
Here is a handsome lion lounging in the sun. 
We tried to take photos of all the information plaques. 
Another lazy lion.
The black bears were frolicking in the field. They jumped into and out of tire swings and tubs of water. Great fun!  It was hot enough that we thought getting in the tub of water looked pretty good too.
Here is a photo of Zoe, Hannah and mom on the elevated walkway. There is more than a mile of it now.
More people photos.
Looks like I need to be in the hippo enclosure.
Here is a nice sepia-like rendition of our time there.
Zoe has rabbit ears.
Black bear
Wolves were pretty awesome
Lynx and bobcats
Tiger lounging in the sun
Informational sign
Black bear habitat
Bears playing
Bears were peeking their heads out of these dens
After the Sanctuary, we headed to Barr Lake for lunch and to see if there were Bald Eagles. We didn't see any, but we did luckily see some en route to the sanctuary. Cool. Lunch was nice. We then headed back to Barr Lake to see the tigers eating their meat-sicles. We missed them being put in the pens, but we did see them eating the big meat chunks.

Then we headed home and looked at the Bald Eagles again. Then had to zoom by King Soopers to get a movie. We stopped to get some frozen yogurts as our dinner appetizer. Zoe ate cookies and cream plus many toppings. Mom had french vanilla and chocolate with fiber. Hannah had gummy bears with a drizzle of yogurt. And I had chocolate with walnuts. We didn't eat our nutritious but it was delicious dinner of pizza. Next up - a movie. Then the girls will be engaging in Bourbon taste test before trying our new Scotch and Vodka. Enjoy! :)    Free Blog Counter

Saturday, June 29, 2013

06_25 to 07_02_2013 Mom, Hannah and Zoe in Colorado, Part V

Today, Saturday started with an early morning bird walk. We saw some good birds such as a Peregrine Falcon, American Dipper and White-Breasted Nuthatch. (no photos).

Following, we made a side trip to Walgreens. Excellent fun. :)

Then off to IHOP for some quality food. 
Next stop was Pearl Street Mall. We went into many shops - a shop with stuff from India (very colorful, with awesome aromas, and nice sounds), candy store, best toy store ever.
We saw, heard and felt some prayer/meditation bowls.
A very large Squirrel named Zoe followed us around a bit.
Everyone experienced the fun things on Pearl Street Mall.
It was dance festival day. We watched some girls perform Irish jigs (and some other dancers).
Then we watched a juggler/tight-line walker perform.
Sven juggled seven balls at once.
He juggled knives while balancing on the TOWER OF POWER!!!! 
Pente continued to drink in love. She is in the exact same position at this moment.
We then swung by Chautauqua for the iconic Boulder Co photo opportunity.
And fun
And some WWF
Then I posed for a few photos
while in deep thought
More deep thought...
We drove up Flagstaff Mountain. We stopped at the first overlook to see Boulder...and if you look REALLY hard, you can see Kansas and Houston.
We arrived at the Flagstaff summit and set up a picnic.
Fruit...cheese...fizzy water...sushi...pasta...quinoa. Yum.
You can see the scale, but we have the biggest darn dandelions here. This things is about 3-4" in diameter.
It was about this time that a button on the camera got pushed. Not sure what button. Can't figure out how to change it. But what it means is the rest of the photos will only show black, white and green. It's actually a cool effect.

Hope you like it since it may stay like this until Dave comes back into the country July 3rd. :)
The picnic overlooks the Rocky Mountains. We had perfect weather. We brought jackets and blankets but ended up not needing them.
Post-picnic photo
Post-picnic naps
We walked over to the overlook and the girls posed
And posed
And posed....
Poseurs. :)
We are home now watching a movie. More later!
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