Sunday, January 29, 2017

01_06 to 12_2017 Barcelo at Mismaloya MX x 3 - Bird Photos!

Again, Dave was able to get a lot of beautiful bird photos while we were in MX.

This is a Western Tanager. I am wondering if it is not a male given hints of orange on his head. 
Ivory billed Woodcreeper.
Brown Crested Flycatcher
A beautiful Squirrel Cuckoo. Saw many of these this trip.
An unusual sight - a Gray-Headed Woodpecker.
Another Squirrel Cuckoo
Rose-Throated Becard
Rufous-Capped Warbler
Not a bird!
Rufous-Backed Robin
There were hundreds of Nashville Warblers there!
Black-Throated Magpie Jay
Orange-Fronted Parakeet - El General!
Rufous Crowned Motmot we saw at Rancho Primavera
Brown-Crested Flycatcher
The sound of this area - a Great Kiskadee
A huge treat this trip was seeing a Military Macaw nest in the wild. At the nest when we arrived were four birds. Some were initially in the nest. I assume there were jockeying for the nest for the upcoming breeding season. Really amazing to get to see them in the wild!
Military Macaw at a nest
Common, but so fun - the Yellow-Winged Cacique!  Great head dresses on these silly birds.
Plain-Capped Starthroat hummingbird. A treat!
We saw multiple Streak-Backed Orioles. This female was bathing, then hopping to this prickly pear for some preening and drying.
Male Streak-Backed Oriole
Green Jay. These birds never get old. So beautiful
Masked Tityra.  So unusual, and so beautiful
Cordilleron Flycatcher.
Olive Backed Woodpecker. A first for us.
Hummingbirds are hard to ID! 
We also saw, for our first time, many Varied Buntings. They are very challenging to photograph given their iridescence. This bird is blue with reds. So gorgeous.

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